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Trends of Mongolian art

Mixed-art - Mongolian contemporary artists have developed mixed-media techniques derived from those of thangkas.
For instance oil or acrylic paintings are made on metallic canvases. Various collage techniques add to embroidery and appliqué techniques.
Therefore Mongolian contemporary artists bring new blood to Asian art while blending traditional and modern art as for instance in Pop-Art.
Land Art or Environmental Art - It is associated with the environment protection trend – Nature being very present in Mongolia, it is a growing trend among Mongolian artists.
Animal art - Wild fauna and the role of horses in Mongolia have given inspiration to many Mongolian painters.
Miniatures – Miniature painting is a traditional painting mode in Asian and Eastern art.
Social art – Artists want to play a role in society by displaying messages in his or her artworks.
On Altan Khaan Gallery's initiative, the first artists' nursery in Mongolia was created under the name of ART Mongolia: this young artists' community has opened business at Da Khuree 38 in Bayanzurkh district.

Dulguun Title : Balance - acrylic on canvas 100x100